About the THEREMANIACS Analog and Digital Theremin

This is a genuine radio frequency heterodyne analog Theremin. The operating principal and the output are extremely faithful to the original Theremin at an affordable price.

Theremaniacs Theremins incorporate high quality polystyrene NPO and silver mica capacitors for stability and drift free operation. These frequency determining components are also embedded in silicone to prevent drift. Theremin is also frequency agile. If interference is heard such as radio, TV or computers, you can adjust the operating frequency away from the noise (plastic tuning tool included).Output is 5 octaves. Playing range covers greater than 3 octaves.

A three way 1/4 inch phone jack turns the Theremin on when a guitar cord is inserted. Plug it into an amplifier and it will sit quietly until your hand is up to four feet away where it will emit a low growl. This sound will increase as your hand comes nearer to the antenna until the pitch is so high it is inaudible. The Theremin has an external sensitivity control and coil adjustment. The sensitivity control (on the outside) determines how close your hand has to be before the theremin starts to make a sound. Antenna is collapsible for transport. Theremaniacs Theremins have the ability to change the timbre of the output sound from a mellow sine wave to a coarse sawtooth wave by relocating one wire.

It is powered by a quality 9 volt battery that lasts a very long time (about 500 hours of continuous use) and is easy to replace. There is no drift as battery power is consumed during use. Draws only 1 milliamp, far less than ordinary effects pedal. No need for an adapter, power strip, surge protector - no searching for an outlet. Set it up anywhere you want! Quality Alkaline battery is included. Only pure DC battery power offers hum and noise free operation with circuit stability. Tested for FCC compliance.

My product line includes a 'black box' theremin as well as a no-solder theremin kit including a small add on volume control untit operated by your hand in free space.. The finished black box, antenna style theremin is plug and play - ready to go. Microphone stand style or rubber foot table top model is $139.95 US shipping included. Sorry, microphone stand is not included. Your theremin can be made with rubber feet instead of a mic stand mount for no extra charge! The circuit board solderless 'Kit' is available for $109.95 US shipping included. This 'kit' version includes the assembled circuit board, antenna, tuning tool, sensitivity control and knob, battery holder, and instruction sheet. You would need to provide the enclosure.

We also offer a DIGITAL version of the Theremin. This is a smaller circuit that creates the same type of sounds as the more expensive ANALOG Theremins. They come in a smaller enclosure with telescopic antenna and 1/4 inch jack with battery. Please see the HOW TO ORDER page for more info.

New two antenna Theremin with removable antennas out soon! Check out the Harmonic Percolator!

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