True Analog Theremin with PITCH and VOLUME Antennas $169.95
No Soldering KIT Theremin $109.95
New Sonic Wave Digital Theremin available. $139.95

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  • Choice of Analog or lower cost digital Theremin.

  • Sensitive and stable enough to play a melody and not just a simple audio oscillator! Theremaniacs Theremins mix two radio frequency signals to form a third audio output signal that is rich in pleasing harmonic overtones. Tested for FCC compliance.

  • Up to THREE FEET of playing range! Changeable output from mellow sine wave to coarse saw tooth wave form.

  • The Theremaniacs Theremin is a simple and durable radio frequency heterodyne design composed of high quality readily available standardized components. The end result is a lower cost Theremin without future obsolete or hard to find parts. Frequency agile - Easy to tune!

  • Two different models available! You can choose from. Screw thread Microphone Stand Mounting or Rubber foot table top style. USA shipping only $15.
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